March 12, 2006

The Only Moral Abortion is My Abortion

A selection of anecdotes about what happens when people firmly against allowing other people the choice of having an abortion are faced with it themselves. Do they always stick to their espoused principles that all abortion in murder and must never be contemplated? Er, no.
We too have seen our share of anti-choice women, ones the counselors usually grit their teeth over. Just last week a woman announced loudly enough for all to hear in the recovery room, that she thought abortion should be illegal. Amazingly, this was her second abortion within the last few months, having gotten pregnant again within a month of the first abortion. The nurse handled it by talking about all the carnage that went on before abortion was legalized and how fortunate she was to be receiving safe, professional care. However, this young woman continued to insist it was wrong and should be made illegal. Finally the nurse said, 'Well, I guess we won't be seeing you here again, not that you're not welcome.' Later on, another patient who had overheard this exchange thanked the nurse for her remarks.
So some actually find that abortion is sometimes a useful option to choose, even when they would deny that choice to anyone else. Which is the problem with so many blanket bans, the people imposing the ban can never know that it is right in all circumstances of all the cases. Only when they themselves are in the situation can they really understand it, and all of the conflicting factors involved. At which point choice is important as it allow them to pick the correct response for that particular set of circumstances, rather than having to follow the single government proscribed path.


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